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Rival is a fortnite private hosting server that provides the best experience for all users

Windows (64bit)


By donating you are helping us cover the cost for many things not just the VPS but other things we pay so you can play.


Donators will get cool exclusive perks. Here are some of the perks donators get, cool custom role in Rival, image perms, private chat, and etc!


Donating to Rival is 100% safe. Once you donate you will automatically get your perks! If there are any issues with getting your perks please dm one of our managers or the owner himself!


Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions? Answered.

On this website or on our Discord server or Github.

Currently only on Windows (64bit).

You can report bugs to the Rival development team by joining the discord server

Rival differs from other game servers by offering a versatile, gaming experience, community interaction, and customization options.

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